Lee Cole


Lee Cole has steadily been making his musical presence known, one pristinely produced pop song at a time.

Raised in Joburg, Lee Cole first gained attention in 2017 through his cover of the hit ‘Akanamali’ which has garnered over 320,000 views on YouTube to date. That same year, Cole released his first string of songs which saw rotation on a selection of SA’s biggest radio stations.

2020 was the big year for Lee as he released his breakout singles ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ and ‘Pink Dragons’ which saw him charting on major radio stations across South Africa – 947, KFM, Jacaranda FM, East Coast Radio, Algoa FM, Heart FM, and OFM. Another highlight of the year included a performance for the Prince’s Trust.

He released ‘Honey, Let Me In’ as his first single of 2021 and once again raced into the radio charts across SA with success on 5FM, KFM, Good Hope FM (peaked at #1), OFM, Algoa FM (peaked at #1) and more! He performed at the SAFTAs (South African Film and Television Awards) in April 2021 and continued the success throughout the rest of the year with the release of ‘Emotional’ (charting on Good Hope FM, Jacaranda FM, 5FM, OFM, etc) and most recently ‘Cold’ (currently on the 947 TOP 40 chart).

Lee steps into 2022 with a string of hit singles following 2 years of incredible success topping charts across the radio. He embarked on his incredibly successful ‘The Feels’ tour in February 2022, which saw him perform shows for the first time in the Eastern & Western Cape, including a performance at KFM’s esteemed KDAY event on the 5th of March. He’s now set to release his brand-new single ‘No Fear, No Tears’ on Friday the 13th of May.

With vocal influences ranging from rock titans Queen and AC/DC, to pop icon Michael Jackson, Lee Cole’s sound has been shaped by the multiple genres that he’s taken in over the years, resulting in a pop-rooted sound that’s flecked with his unique vocal stylings.