Samuel Miller


Samuel A Miller is a British multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and vocalist, with over 26.6M streams worldwide. His music is influenced by a range of electronic, singer-songwriter, and indie-folk which results in his ability to create diverse music that transcends genre classifications.

His unique, raspy vocals are in high demand for collaborations with various popular dance and house producers from around the world; with appearances on dance sensations such as “I Can’t See” (with ROW, via Selected Music) and “From Me to You” (Darryl Story, via Garde).

His own work reveals a gift for storytelling with the power to transport a listener into another world, with dreamy classics like “Lost out Here” and “Stepping Out”. His lyrics reflect on the times, he looks up to and finds inspiration in artists that do the same. The music is produced with a combination of layered voices, acoustic and electric guitar, keys, and appropriate electronic and synth elements.

Samuel has played many shows around the UK and worldwide and has plans to start significant touring again soon. In the meantime, he will remain temporarily forest-bound on the east coast of South Africa; creating a new house-inspired EP that he’s using to explore new fresh sounds and inspiration. The EP will be released in 2022 & 2023.